Best way to clean carpet

Coffee stains, wine spills, muddy paws and footprints on your carpets and rugs are simply a part of life. Sure, there are ways you can try your best to prevent these messes in the first place, but your best bet is knowing how to get rid of them, so that you can spring into action when the worst happens. Knowing how to clean the carpet the right way is a gamechanger. While regular vacuuming removes dust and ground-in dirt and helps keep your carpet from looking dingy and matted, spots and stains are something that even the best vacuum can’t handle. 

Cleaning Supplies 

Some of the most important supplies you’ll need to clean various types of stains and debris from the carpet are a vacuum, cleaning machine, baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, rug brush, carpet cleaner, spray bottle, and microfiber clothes. Your carpet will naturally collect dirt and dander over time, so you need to vacuum it often. Depending on how heavily it’s used, vacuuming once or twice a month will likely be enough for maintenance. 

Cleaning Pet Stains 

To remove pet stains, use a carpet cleaner containing enzymes. It not only erases the stain, but destroys odour-causing bacteria to prevent your pet from soiling the same spot over and over again. 

Cleaning Wine Stains 

This stain in particular often triggers panic, but if you’ve spilled red wine, there’s hope for your carpet yet. To clean up a red wine stain, blot up as much as you can, then sprinkle salt or baking powder (generously) on the stain, giving it a few minutes to settle before you vacuum it up. 

Cleaning Paint 

Use a paper towel to blot any remaining wet paint; then scrape the remainder out with a dull knife or razor blade. For fresh stains, try blotting away the excess paint first. If the paint has dried, you’ll need to use a cloth dampened with paint thinner and possibly a 1:1 ratio of dish soap and warm water.

Carpet Cleaning Machine 

Carpet-cleaning machines get a bad rap for being big and bulky, but these days, there are smaller machines that can really simplify carpet cleaning. If you don’t see yourself using a carpet-cleaning machine that often, you can rent one from your local home improvement store.

Hire a Professional  If you’re not up for renting or buying a machine, and if a stain is really stuck on or your carpet looks like it’s on its last legs, the answer to how to clean a carpet may be to hire a pro. Professionals use detergents and steam to really get in there, and commercial machines are beasts when it comes to getting bacteria and dirt out of any pile of rug. At Big Red Gold Coast, we specialise in deep cleaning residential spaces, so that you don’t have to.