Is your leather furniture looking a little dull, dirty, feeling dry …… then let Big Red Leather Cleaning offer you a cleaning and conditioning program for the life of your beautiful pieces to endure the passage of time.

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Leather is one of the most natural materials in the world as it was once a living, breathing organism. It is an extremely durable and flexible  material created by the tanning of animal skin, generally from cows, pigs, goats, sheep and kangaroos.

As leather is a natural product it needs to be cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis to keep the leather’s beauty and that subtle, soft feeling. Who wants to sit on a crusty, scratchy leather couch, when it could be soft, comfortable and looking as good as it was brand new.


Did you know that most of today’s leather is made with a top-coat offering protection to the leather. If this top-coat has deteriorated over the years, the leather can harbor mould spores, germs and disease all of which can effect your family, friends or clients.

When we sit on leather or fabric we expose the surface to harmful body oils, acid’s and fats. May sound weird, but its true. These in turn can harm and breakdown the leather surface, so a little care will allow your beautiful leather furniture to still look and feel great.

Besides if you don’t clean and condition your leather it can rot, did you know that ?

We hand clean leather lounges with a proven safe cleaning and conditioning formula, leaving them soft, looking fabulous.

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