Sent out below are the frequently asked questions that I have encounted over the last nine (9) years with Big Red Services.  I’ll try to keep it simple, but if you would like a further explanation, please feel free to call me on 5539 6799

A Truck mount machine is installed into the back of a van, eg; Toyota, Mitsubishi Express, etc.  it is a complete unit comprising of petrol motor, exhaust & heat transfer system, recovery tank, vac blower, etc.  New cost would vary between $ 25K to $ 60K + depending on requirements.

A Portable machine  tends to look like a little R2D2 from Star Wars.  Four wheels allow the user  to push the machine around, approximately 1.5 metres high and .5 metre wide.  Portables run on electricity only.  New cost would vary between $ 5,000 to $12K.  As you can see, there’s a huge difference in costs.

If the Portable machine was as good as the truck mount then why would anyone spend so much money on a truck mount ? Because Truck Mounts give a much better clean.

Don’t get us wrong, Big Red owes a Portable Machine which is used only when access is impossible for the truck mount.  Our portable machine is only used for high rise buildings or if there’s a problem with access.

Truck mount machines – No as they run on unlead petrol. However, Portable machine – Yes.

Yes – both machines need to access your water.  However, truck mount machines are designed to connect to a cold water tap and produce hot water and steam as it goes through a heat transfer method within the motor, exhaust system.

A portable machine can have the capacity to heat the water as it does this with an element within the water tank.  This takes more time to heat up and uses your electricity whilst heating and cleaning.

Big Red is fully insured for all work performed and happy to supply a copy of our COC on request.

Please make sure that the person entering your property for cleaning, pest spraying or any other activity within your home is insured and covered with public liability.  What would happen if they fell down your stairs and they didn’t have any insurance ?  More than likely they would want to claim on your insurance, or legal matters could commence.  Do you really need to be involved with a law suit ?

Same as Insurance – what happens if the person entering your property is injured and unable to work ?  They need money to live, where would it come from?

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