Big Red Services offer Water and Flood Extraction as one of our specialties.

Big Red receives numerous telephone calls requesting help with washing machine overflows, dish washer problems, burst pipes, blocked pipes, sewerage, etc.

We are fully trained and accredited for all situations relating to Flood or Water Damage for Residential or Commercial properties.

Procedure and costs are relevant to the amount of water causing the damage.

Water and Flood Extraction

We have Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, all relevant equipment to get you back to your pre-accident life quickly and efficiently. Call us on: 0400 753 521 Or Contact Us


Water and Flood Extraction

Queensland is renowned for it’s flood season. Thousands of homes suffer flood damage each year, but with Big Red Services all is not lost. Our powerful flood extraction processes will remove water from your home and help restore things back to normal in no time.


For help with water/flood extraction. call Big Red Services on 07 5539 6799. Our team will assist you quickly.

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