Silverfish are considered a household pest due to their penchant for consuming and damaging property, as well as contaminating food supplies. They exhibit a broad dietary range that encompasses items rich in proteins and carbohydrates, such as carpet, clothing, wallpaper, coffee, flour, starch, paper, glue, paste, photographs, and even hair.

The silverfish bug falls under the Zygentoma order and the Lepismatidae family. Scientifically referred to as Lepisma saccharina, its external body features a gray hue accentuated by a metallic luster, creating a fish-like appearance. Furthermore, the bug’s dimensions range from 13 mm to 15 mm, characterized by a tapered body structure where the abdomen narrows towards the posterior end. Notably, its tail is composed of three lengthy bristles.

With a lifespan spanning from two to eight years, silverfish exhibit a preference for darkness and tend to inhabit various areas within a household, often in proximity to their preferred food sources.

Tips for reducing the presence of silverfish in your home:

  • Remove old stacks of newspapers, magazines, papers and fabrics to eliminate hiding places.
  • Don’t let food sit & spoil for a long time.
  • Turn on lights in a dark, infested area.
  • Keep food in sealed containers and packages.
  • Lower the home’s relative humidity, for example with a dehumidifier.


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