Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that survive by feeding on the blood of mammals such as humans, dogs, cats, pigs, and birds. Their presence is often identified due to the intensely itchy bites they inflict. Belonging to the Siphonaptera order of wingless insects, fleas have the potential to transmit pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and other parasites to their hosts.

Before our Pest Control technician arrives for a flea treatment, there are several steps you should take to ensure optimal results. This includes thoroughly vacuuming your carpets, including less frequently accessed areas, mopping floors, cleaning upholstered furniture, and sanitising your pets’ resting spaces. Upon arrival, our technician will inspect your property for signs of fleas and then initiate the treatment process.

While we carry out the flea treatment, it’s important to relocate your pets from the premises. We also strongly recommend taking this opportunity to have your pets treated for fleas, reducing the risk of potential re-infestation from fleas or their larvae on your pets. Considering that rodents can harbor fleas, there might be a need for concurrent rodent and flea treatments. Our flea treatment is designed to eliminate both adult fleas and flea eggs, ensuring comprehensive eradication.

The best flea control approach for your home and pet is to interrupt the flea life cycle. Here’s what you can do to eliminate the fleas:

  • Vacuum carpeted areas and furniture to reduce dust
  • Regularly wash your pets bedding in warm soapy water
  • Use an appropriate flea control product for your pet
  • Wash shaggy items around the house as they’re most likely to harbour fleas


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