Australia is home to approximately 1,300 recognized ant species. Among the prevalent ant concerns in the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions are:

  • Black House Ant
  • Bull Ant
  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Funnel Ant
  • Fire Ant
  • Green Ant
  • Ghost Ant
  • Sugar Ant

Ants are adept foragers with a diverse diet that includes sweets, oils, grease, vegetables, honeydew, and other insects. They transport their food to nests that can range in size from a few inhabitants to several hundred thousand. Within these nests, they nourish the queen, larvae, and themselves.

To ensure effective outcomes, our pest control experts meticulously examine your property prior to initiating an Ant Control Treatment. This treatment protocol typically involves the application of ant bait gel, liquid sprays, and insecticidal dust. Ant bait gel is strategically placed in areas of ant activity and along their trails.

Upon consuming the bait, ants transport it back to their nest, leading to its eradication. External entry points, doors, windows, and internal floor corners are treated with liquid spray. Additionally, insecticidal dust is administered in the roof void, cracks, and crevices where ants are commonly found.

Tips for reducing the presence of ants in your home:

  • Keep kitchen surfaces clean and free of food scraps
  • Keep food in sealed containers
  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food scraps
  • Keep pet food bowls clean and free of food scraps
  • Regularly clean food scraps from appliances, cupboards, and floors
  • Regularly empty rubbish bins
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Keep stored foods in airtight containers
  • Where possible, seal cracks and crevices that may be possible entry points
  • Maintain foliage around the property and ensure that it does not touch the walls
Ants control
Ants control
Ants control
Ants control


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